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Why use this website?

Webmasters can use this tool to prevent their site from appearing in the server logs of referred pages as referrer. The operators of the referred pages cannot see where their visitors come from any more. uses the double-forward strategy to make the anonymous forwarding possible. The advantages of different types of forwarding are put together here. The user is forwarded twice. At the first, the transferred information on the referring page will be deleted (referer header will be empty). Some browser still continue to send this information. Therefore, in the second step we will check whether the deletion has worked. If it is not the case, we will further use the Iframe redirection. Otherwise, users will be simply forwarded to the target page with a quick header redirection.

Using the referrer removal service is quite easy: produces an anonymous link to which prevents the original site from appearing as a referrer in the logfiles of the referred page.

Test how it works

You can use our Referer output to test our or any other link anonymizer service.

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